I am a lecturer at the Vienna University of Technology, and in the past a visiting lecturer at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Hagenberg) and the University of Vienna.


Theses Supervision

I co-supervise bachelor and master theses in the field of mixed reality and 3D HCI, availabe topics are listed at my scientific website. If you have a specific idea in mind and a good background in computer graphics, computer vision and interest in the above fields, you can also apply directly via e-mail stating your idea and background.

Virtual Reality Lab Course (2008 - 2015)

Graduate Program, Vienna University of Technology

This course aims on understanding and programming of object tracking, 3D interaction and networking in distributed virtual environments. After an initial training phase, a 2 person group project is implemented using 3D space mouse and Microsoft Kinect for 6DOF input and full body motion capturing. Programming is done using ARTiFICe, Unity3D on Windows platform.

Lecturer: Annette Mossel, Christian Schönauer, Georg Gerstweiler, Emanuel Vonach
Links: Course Homepage  
Best Project: Virtual Mohrhuhn (Christopher Pramerdorfer & Gerald Reitschmied)

Mobile Augmented Reality Lab Course (2011 - 2013)

Graduate Program, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Hagenberg)

This course aims on understanding and programming of a mobile augmented reality application. This includes natural feature tracking of arbitrary objects, selection and 6DOF manipulation of virtual content as well as collaboration in a distributed mobile AR. Programming is done using ARTiFICe, Unity3D on Android OS.

Lecturer: Annette Mossel
Links: Master Course "Mobile Computing"
Best Project: AR Jenga (Rainhard Findling, Sebastian Hoebarth, Peter Klima)

High Profile Employees, Spin-Offs and Entrepreneurship (2011/12)

Graduate Program, University of Vienna

This course is intended to equip students with a basic understanding of the entrepreneurial process and respective managerial challenges. The course comprises theoretical insights into the entrepreneurial issues at hand and combines these with practical applications in Virtual Reality & Mobile Augmented Reality.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Hopp (RWTH Aachen), Annette Mossel