Selected Publications

FRITZ, D., MOSSEL, A., KAUFMANN, H., (2015), Markerless 3D Interaction in an Unconstrained Handheld Mixed Reality Setup, in International Journal of Virtual Reality, to appear 2015

EUROPEAN PATENT #14450018.8-1901, Verfahren zum Erstellen eines dreidimensionalen virtuellen Modells einer Umgebung für Anwendungen zur Positionsbestimmung; Filed by INS Insider Navigation Systems GmbH 30.04.2014; Inventors: Hannes Kaufmann and Annette Mossel; Patent pending.

MOSSEL, A. (2014), Robust Wide-Area Tracking and Intuitive 3D Interaction for Mixed Reality Environments, PhD Thesis, Supervision by Hannes Kaufmann and Mark Billinghurst, Faculty of Informatics, Vienna University of Technology

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MOSSEL, A., VENDITTI, B., KAUFMANN, H (2013), 3DTouch and HOMER-S: Intuitive Manipulation Techniques for One-Handed Handheld Augmented Reality, Proceedings of ACM VRIC'13, Laval, France

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MOSSEL, A. (2007), Development of an adaptive LOD-supported terrain visualization within a client-server-based 3D-GIS, Diploma Thesis, COMPUTER GRAPHICS topics 03-2007, INI-GraphicsNet, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research, Darmstadt, Germany