Dynamic Spatial Test in Augmented Reality

In the project we develop a new type of test for the assessment of spatial abilities that differs from conventional spatial ability tests in several aspects.

First, traditional spatial ability tests (paper-pencil as well as on-screen computer versions) assess 3-dimensional spatial abilities with 2-dimensional means. The new test will measure the ability to visualize and mentally manipulate 3-dimensional objects in actual 3-dimensional space, and should thus have a higher ecological validity than previous spatial ability tests. This will be possible through use of the augmented reality tool Construct3D, which allows the projecting of virtual 3-dimensional objects into real space where they can be seen and manipulated by means of Head Mounted Display and 6DOF input device.

Project Team:
Hannes Kaufmann, Mathis Csisinko Michael Mehling, Annette Mossel (Vienna UT IMS), Judith Glück (Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt)

Project Time: 2007 - 2010

Links: Project Homepage

Related Publications:
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